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CAWcreations Episode 20: One Year Podcasting

27 March 2018 CAWcreations Episode 20: One Year Podcasting

A podcast about knitting and books I am reading from PEI, Canada.



Beach Day Cowl (in press) for Fleece and Harmony. I have people test knitting it for me now. Mine is in Fleece and Harmony’s Signature yarn using the company colours as for the large Beach Day Shawl: Night Without Stars, Linden Blossom, Take the Ferry, and Dandelion. I used a 6 mm (US 10) needle. I love how soft this yarn is when you use larger needles to knit with. The fabric is soft and fluffy. They have lamb’s wool in all their skeins. I find that really makes it soft for around your neck. Can you see my mistake? Obviously, I cannot see different shades of green when I am knitting.

Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry. I used mostly Bayview Fiber Arts yarn on the Providence Bay Sock because I love Paula’s colours so much and added the 2016 Rhinebeck colour by Lisa Sousa as a reminder of my first Rhinebeck experience. The final order of the colours was:

  1. Cleopatra’s Wing
  2. Cleopatra in the Snow
  3. 2016 Rhinebeck on Lisa Souza Deluxe Sock!
  4. Pansy
  5. Rejoice
  6. Querencia
  7. Chocolate and Wine

I knit it using a 2.5 mm (US 1) needle because I knit so loose and I wanted a reasonable sized shawl. I have mentioned before that I like stocking stitch to highlight the beautifully coloured hand dyed yarns. But I do like the finished garter stitch particularly with the Chocolate and Wine colour.

I drew first quarter winners from the Stash or Shelf KAL. No entries in the Worsted Weight Socks KAL so I drew two from the FOs in the Stash or Shelf KAL. These two will receive a mini skein and a progress keeper donated by Bayview Fiber Arts. Thank you so much Paula.

I also randomly chose two of the members of the CAWcreations Ravelry Group to win a project bag and CAWcreations pin. Message me on Ravelry if your name was drawn and you do not live on PEI. I need your address to mail out your prize.


Another pair of Barista socks in Diamond Select Footsie colour 523 using 2.5 mm (US 1) needle. I love the rib stitch from Knitter’s Mitts by H.Wulfraat designs so I used it here. I am turning the heel on the second sock so almost finished.

Fingerless Mitts in Bayview Fiber Arts yarn. I am working out another pattern by Heather Publicover. She did the headband from February of the 2018 CAWcreations Knitters Calendar eBook of Patterns. This is being knit to work out the pattern for the fingerless mitts using the same rib pattern. I love it and these mitts will match the had I finished earlier this year.
After the Cure by by Deirdre Gould.  A plague has swept the Earth turning much of the population into violent, man eating beasts, but a cure has been administered. Now everyone cured and immune must deal with how they survived. The people responsible for releasing the plague are being put on trial. Nella Rider, the court psychologist and Frank Courtlen a defense attorney are trying to establish the truth.
I am enjoying following Nella and Frank through the twisted story slowly being revealed by two scientists responsible that are in custody (the lead scientist on the research study has escaped). Naturally, there are a few leaps of faith that you take with a story essentially about the zombie apocalypse but the characters are so engaging and the pace is fast so the distraction is minimal. I like the social and psychological issues that all characters are dealing with just due to what they had to do to survive the plague. It creates and interesting society with immune and cured still navigating how they will deal with each other. So far a great read.



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2018 Feb 16 episode 18 PJ Party & Repairs

Find me as Cherylcan on Instagram and Ravelry. Please join my CAWcreations Group on Ravelry. We have 3 KALs going on right now: Stash or Shelf KAL, Beach Day KAL, and Worsted Socks KAL.

Check out Fleece and Harmony ( because they have amazing yarn and wonderful knit wear designers. One of them is me the other is Simone of Sand and Sky Creations.

Episode 18 of the CAWcreations Podcast on February 16, 2018

FOs (2:00) Fleece and Harmony Connections Hat in Bulky weight Signature yarn.

I am sure that Jennifer from Fleece and Harmony can take much better pictures of these. I am working on writing up the pattern. It involves reversible cables. Thank you to Fiona Alice for teaching them to me at Knit East 2015. I love these beanies.

WIPs (6:30)

Binsey Sweater by Fiona Alice in Fleece and Harmony’s Signature yarn in quartz. I love the pattern it is so pretty and so easy to follow.

Sock Yarn Blanket by by Shelly Kang. I have have modified it so that the blanket is in stocking stitch because I like how the I can really see the colours. I am using leftovers from other projects, except  the Little French Meadow January 2018 mini skeins club. I love all the new squares I added. It was a great project for when I was not feeling well.

KALs (16:35)

Stash or Shelf KAL for the entire year. I stated this KAL as a copycat to This Old Knits podcast Stash or Shelf KAL (I did ask her first before I tagged along). It was a great idea so I just had to join. I have lots of stuff in my stash that I have not used this is to help us use up what we have purchased. Anything that was bought before January 1, 2018 is considered stash (yarn) or shelf (patterns).

Worsted Socks KAL for the entire year. Knit a pair of worsted weight socks any size gets you an entry. I will give you a bonus if you use one of CAWcreations sock designs: either the Old Fashioned Socks or a pair of socks from the 2018 CAWcreations Knitting Calendar eBook of patterns Basic Worsted Sock or any of the others that come out later this year.

Beach Day KAL runs until May 31 2018. Knit a project using the Beach Day Shawl as a basis for your shawl, scarf, or cowl.

Knit Repairs (21:58)

I fixed a healing shawl I made using the arpeggio pattern. Picked up the stitches that had unraveled. Knit the rows onto the threads that were there, cast off and tied it off.

Daniel’s extra fine merino sweater… I need to buy some merino to match. Shopping time.

Vintage sweaters from a colleague. They just had small one stitch holes. I used the ends that were not woven in to fix the sweaters. I will now not sew in ends on the inside of sweaters (great excuse to be finished without sewing in ends).

Fire in the Blue sweater needs bigger arms (I wondered about that), and I need to add some more in the back so the yarn is not stretched too much. Pattern design changes.


Sanctuary by Faye Kellerman. I love how she writes. This is number seven from the  Peter and Rina Decker series. I am familiar with the characters but I have not read all of the books in this series. The books can be stand alone but reading others in the series adds enjoyment. An entire family had disappeared and Peter Decker is assigned the case. Rina has an old friend call up out ot the blue to come for a visit with her children. These seemingly unrelated events intertwine to reveal a deeper mystery. It was a fast paced book that was exactly what I needed to read this week.





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2017 Dec 31 CAWcreations Episode 15

Find me as Cherylcan on Instagram and Ravelry (Join my CAWcreations Group)

Check out Fleece and Harmony ( because they have amazing yarn and wonderful knit wear designers. One of them is me the other is Simone of Sand and Sky Creations.

Episode 15 of my CAWcreations Podcast on Dec 31, 2017



  1. Simple Santa Hat in Fleece and Harmony Signature worsted weight yarn in Lighthouse and Natural colourways. Gauge was 4 sets and 5 rows per inch of stocking stitch. Since I use smaller needle sizes than most people, telling everyone the size I used confuses them from now on I will try to remember to use gauge.
  2. Reversible Cable Hat in Fleece and Harmony Signature fingering weight yarn in Oyster and The Catch Colourways. Gauge was 6 sets and 6 rows per 2.5 cm (or one inch). Inspired by Fiona Alice teaching me reversible cables at Knit East three years ago.
  3. Box of Sock (FO fail only 6 pair of finished socks)

Show CAWcreations 2018 Mini Desktop Calendar
Reminder that the ebook of patterns 01 Basic Worsted Socks will be published tomorrow on January 1, 2018 and delivered directly to people who have purchased the ebook.

Announced winner of BABY KAL


  1. Seb’s Ski Socks Seb’s Ski Socks in MyColourWheelhouse yarn. Knitting two at a time. Taking longer than they should. Plan to focus on these to get them finished this month.
  2. Erin’s Socks These are in cashmere. My first pair of socks in this fiber. I like them but am worried they are a bit big. We shall see.
  3. Cheryl’s Socks Basic Vanilla sock fingering weight. Used a Christmas gift card.
  4. Helix Sock Homage to the Stashbusting Helix Hat. Used the same technique to make socks in Fleece and Harmony Signature worsted weight yarn in Mayflower, Lupine, and Take the Ferry. Showed my error. Note: do not twist the yarn.
  5. Grey Sparkle Hat for Peggy in my drawstring Christmas bag by TheKnittingBagPEI on Etsy. Used Fleece and Harmony Oyster in fingering weight held with sparkle thread. Making a lovely fabric now that I have figured out the technique. Now I just need the patience to finish this slow project.
  6. Gavin’s Blanket Full size cotton throw in my XL knitting bag by TheKnittingBagPEI on Easy. Used Knit Picks Dishie yarn in clementine. Showed my Design Feature (mistake) I am NOT ripping back.
  7. Knitters Mitts by H Wulfraat Designs in Alpaca yarn UK.

PomPom subscription to Magazine. Love it! Want to make a sweater and a hat from it.

2017 Knitting Review
Box of Socks for me Fail only made 6 pair for me

20 Hats (2017 year of the hat)
Socks 8 adult pair, 2 kid pair, and 3 baby pair
1 Scarf
4 Shawls
1 Sweater
2 pair of kids mitts
Other little projects

CAWcreations Designs
5 Patterns for Fleece and Harmony

  1. The Beach Day Shawl
  2. Hap(py) Shawl
  3. Zig Zag Baby Cardigan
  4. Baby Pants/shorts
  5. Squall Scarf

1 ebook of 10 patterns from the CAWcreations 2018 Knitting Calendar

Read 60 books this year. This is a bit less than most years but considering

Review “The Book of Names” by Jill Gregory and Karen Tintori

Blather… sick over holidays but feeling better now.

Slow TV… drive with me from Charlottetown to Fleece and Harmony in Belfast, PEI

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November 11, 2017 Episode 13

A podcast about knitting and books I have read.

Find me as Cherylcan on Instagram and Ravelry (Join my CAWcreations Group).

Check out Fleece and Harmony ( because they have amazing yarn and wonderful knit wear designers. One of them is me the other is Simone of Sand and Sky Creations.

Welcome to Episode 13. Today I am announcing my yearlong project for 2018:


November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada. On PEI most businesses were closed. The Charlottetown Farmer’s Market was open but had a short service and a moment of silence. Remembering the sacrifice of those who didn’t come home, the service of those who did and honouring those who still serve.


An 8×8″ blanket square for The Knit Together Project coordinated by Melissa of Knitting the Stash. I got the needles from Kate of Hawthorn Cottage Craft. I was so excited that I was the first one who contacted her on Ravelry. She was so quick to send me her package, even before she left for her adventure to Canada and the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. I showed my package before it was so sweet. Thank you Kate.

I made my square using reversible cables that Fiona Alice taught me at Knit East 2015. It was my first Knit East and my first classes in knitting that I remember. On a side note, it was also the year I took courses from: The Yarn Harlot and Fiona Ellis. I chose to use Fleece and Harmony yarn because their passions are:

  1. To raise animals the natural way, on the pasture.
  2. To hand-craft every detail, in every small batch of wool.
  3. To ensure our fibres come from a good place. Like our backyard.

They are a wonderful company and they have been so supportive of me in my design journey. Jennifer chose one of their new fall colors to feature “The Catch”. I love how the colours are reflected in our environment. The catch refers to our fishing heritage. I grew up in a farming a fishing community. My Granddad fished for as long as I remembered. I love being out on the water and catching fish to eat later that day. It is such a fun project. I am mailing my packages as soon I as block my square and it dries.


I also have a half-finished object. It is the mitt I stated in Fiona Ellis’ class this year at Knit East. I love the Woodland Leaves Pattern she gave us in class. Her designs are so easy to follow and I love the charting. I am still working on just reading charts. Mostly before I took my first classes I just read the text or looked at a picture and made things.

My yarn was Fleece and Harmony Signature yarn. A 100% untreated wool in 3 ply worsted weight in a 60% Wool, 40% Corriedale mix. I used oyster and gale. I think they make such a beautiful mitten with oyster on the cuff and gale on the trim and hand parts.


New ebook — CAWcreations 2018 Knitting Calendar eBook of Patterns

The electronic version of the 2018 Knitting Calendar featured patterns is now live on Ravelry at an early bird price of $25 CDN. I am getting a few printed copies of the desk calendar featuring 10 different patterns. I am still working out all the details of selling the desk calendar and the ebook. However, the Cheryl Ann edited penultimate draft is posted in .pdf. It will be updated on January 01, 2018 when my test knitters have finished editing. I sometime forget to add important aspects of the pattern. My test knitters are my final editors. Once the final edits are in the price of the calendar will go up to the regular price.


Socks from a sock blank of Ravens Wood Fibre Company at Knit East 2017. I love the colours. It is so fun. I cannot wait to finish these.

My Fleece Artist Canada 150 colors and the story behind me choosing the Banff colourway.

Planned hat for my goddaughter. Or how to make a sparkle base out of a non-sparkle skein.


Calculating God by Robert Sawyer. Love it but I am not getting much time to read.

Audiobooks have been a godsend as I can knit and listen. I do listen on 1.5 speed so I miss some things and I do not enjoy books as much as when I read them. Maybe I need to get a good bookstand.


Now until Christmas my Baby KAL is underway. You can use any of my baby patterns: Zig Zag Baby Cardigan, Baby Pants, and/or the Hap(py) Shawl. Let’s be real for a minute. I probably will not close the KAL on Christmas; it will be closer to the new year. Some of the Bayview Fiber Arts mini and progress keeper will be a prize, and a free pattern from CAWcreations will be the other one.

Upcoming KALs

2018 Knitting Calendar KAL and chatter will start in January.

I will also be, creating a Beach Day Cowl that will be used in classes next year. Anyone who takes the class will be eligible to enter, as long as they join the CAWcreations group on Ravelry.

Happy Knitting.




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CAWcreations Episode 12 — Knit East

A podcast about knitting and books.

You can find me on:


CAWcreations Episode 12: Welcome from the Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews NB!

Cricket Cove hosted another wonderful event this year. I even managed to get the Beach Day Shawl and the Hap(py) Shawl in the fashion show on Saturday night. Paula from Bayview Fiber Arts was at the market so I finally got to meet her. I took two amazing classes and did my first Shawl Swap.


Basic Worsted Socks by CAWcreations in Fleece and Harmony Signature yarn: Lighthouse and Natural.

Ironheart Sweater by Tin Can Knits from their Heart On My Sleeve Collection. Knit using Knit Picks Gloss DK in Cranberry.

Don’t forget the BABY KAL from October 1 to Christmas. Check it out on the CAWcreations Group on Ravelry.

I just finished reading The Last Neandrethral by Clair Cameron. I enjoyed it but was disappointed in the ending.

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2017 July 28 CAWcreations Episode 8: Shameless PEI Promotion

IMG_8221PEI Promotion CAWcreations Episode 8 published on Jul 28, 2017

Podcast about knitting and the books I am reading (no books finished in the last few days).

You can find me on:
Ravelry Group:

& new this week….

0:24 My patterns have been posted on Fleece and Harmony’s site:…

2:00 Hap(py) Shawl in Baby Boo Collection and Beach Blanket FO (now you can get Beach Blanket only in Signature yarn). Pattern available through their website or on Revelry for $8 CDN.

WIP in fingering weight using Strawberry fields in centre and Rhubarb on lace edge.

3:47 Amazing tone variation in yarn. Love it!!

4:27 Squall Scarf also in Beach Blanket. It was a “Value KAL” project. It costs $1 on the Fleece and Harmony website. They are working on getting it up for sale on Ravelry but you will have to wait for that. Molly is modeling the scarf for me.

4:58 Zig Zag Baby Cardigan in Fleece and Harmony Baby Boo Collection. Knit top down They are working on getting it up for sale on Ravelry but you can get it now for $8 CDN on Fleece and Harmony’s site.

6:25 Grain Deep tags with my logo on them. They are from Canada (not PEI). Such a great company to work with.

6:37 Zig Zag Cardigan kit sourced from PEI artisans and companies: Harris Leatherworks, Joyce’s knitting bags, and Fleece and Harmony.

10:20 Large bag for afghan by Michelle. It fits all of the yarn and Gavin’s Afghan by CAWcreations in 4 mm (US 6) Knit Picks Dishie.

12:19 What has been happing with me.

13:50 KALs

“I like your sweater” hosted by CAWcreations,
but also knitting for
“Sock Box” KAL hosted by Yarngasm podcast.

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June 7, 2017 CAWcreations E5: Cheryl’s Song


Podcast about knitting and the books I am reading.

You can find me on:
Ravelry Group:…

0:32 Fleece & Harmony mentioned me in their recent blog post,

2:00 Opal vanilla sock using 3mm double pointed needles not sure of color,
3:23 Vicky’s Lionheart Quick Knit Afghan for graduation using Premier Yarns Sweet Roll in Frosty Swirl,Ice pop, Grape Swirl, and Raspberry Swirl  and a 15mm circular needles,
5:05 Ironheart by Tin Can Knits from Heart on My Sleeve Collection using Knit Picks Gloss DK and 3.5 mm circular needles,
6:40 Gingerbread by Libby Jonson using Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Coal seam and Bayview Fiber Arts Swing Bridge DK in Barn board, and 4 mm circular needles,
7:30 Gavin’s Blanket (Throw) by CAWcreations using Knit Picks Dishie Solids in Clementine and 4.5 mm circular needles.

8:35 Book: Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt is a spooky read. It focuses on a town, Black Spring, that is haunted by a witch. The curse means that residents cannot take prolonged vacations and are tied to the town. They also have high tech surviellance tracking the witch. I really enjoyed the contrast of how the adults versus the high school children felt about their restrictions. As with any great book, the focus is on the characters reactions to their environment which push the plot forward. It is a great book so far but I will add full review on this site when I finish the book.

What’s Happening:
9:26 Lucy the Duck moves her duckings story
10:20 Cheryl’s Song by Tim Wartman or check it out at: