Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

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Oct. 14, 2019 CAWcretions Podcast about knitting and books I have read, episode 29.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my canadian friends and family. IMG_9927.jpg

We went to Knit East 2019 hosted by Cricket Cove in St. Andrew’s NB. It was so much fun. I posted about it earlier but I did do a bit of a recap here. Highlights we’re:

  • Got a special package of yarn from RavensWood Fiber Co.
  • Spent a relaxing weekend with Mom and all knitting friends
  • Had a couple of patterns in the Saturday Night Fashion show
  • Got my Saltwater Mittens book signed
  • Took the Grok the Sock class from The Yarn Harlot

FOs (Finished Objects)

  1. Cable Me This Fingerless Mitts knit using Fleece and Harmony’s yarn. The pair with stocking stitch hands was in The Catch. The ones with a rib all down the hand were in pansy and strawberry fields.
  2. Socks in Fleece and Harmony’s Point Prim Sock yarn. I love this yarn it is all natural made with canadian wool 80% and canadian mohair 20% in the Seagull color. I used the faux cable from the pattern above. I even did it all the way down the heel flap. I love it.
  3. Simple Santa Hat modeled by my dog Molly was in Fleece and Harmony’s Signature yarn in the main color rhubarb, and the contrast color of neutral.
  4. Mini sock from the Grok the Sock Class (see picture at end of show).

PhDs (Projects Half Done)

  1. Baby hats using the faux cable pattern from the fingerless mitts pattern.
  2. Sock using same pattern in sparkling opal yarn.
  3. Vanilla socks in Opal Ice Cream (shades of grey).


Listened to the audio book At Knits End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much by Stephanie Pearl MacPhee (the Yarn Harlot). I needed to listen to her voice some more after my class. I had already read the book but it was so great to listen to her read her own book. I needed the funny bubbly voice this weekend. It was great.

Happy Knitting!!






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