Saturday March 9, 2019 Finally back to CAWcreations Podcast

Welcome back and introductions.

FOs (Finished Objects)

Connections Hats in worsted weight yarn from the ebook of patterns from the 2018 CAWcreations Knitting Calendar. This is a wonderful skullcap that fits nicely under a helmet for skating or skiing etc. I have modifications to make a messy bun hat or ponytail hat. It is completely reversible as the reversible cable technique is used.

I have made them in all the bits of stash yarn I have  found while cleaning out my craft room, acrylic, 100% wool from Lismore Farm Wool Shop, and alpaca. I also added a Harris Leatherworks button to attach a pom pom with a loop.

Stash or Shelf KAL

WIPs (Works in Progress)

  1. Bunny Love by Susan B Anderson knit with Fleece and Harmony fingering yarn in grey (not sure which colous because I cannot find the ball band (bad podcaster). Using 2.25 mm (US 1) carbon tipped double pointed needles (dpns).
  2. Incantaton Socks by Kay Jones in stash sock yarn (no ball band). I am finding tons of cute yarn I forgot I had. Knit using 2.75 mm (US 2) ChiaoGoo bamboo needles 9″ circular needles.
  3. Beach Day Shawl with crescent shape on end (or ends depending if I have enough yarn. It is Lion Brand Shawl-in-a-ball Metallic in 307 Cleansing Quartz. I am using 4 mm (US 6) circular wooden needle by Indian Lake Artisans Hexagonal Needles.

Things I have purchased

  • Sock blockers in three sizes made by my uncle Roger. Love them!!
  • Voolenvine Yarns in Dirty on Purpose yarn on her Nouveau base. I’m so excited! It is the first time I was able to get some. Now I need to find a special project for it.



Circe by Madeline Miller is a story of the background of the witch from the Odyssey. I love stories of the greek gods but this one is so well written that it was a joy to read. I sped through it.

She is despised by her family no matter how hard she tries to please them. Eventually she discovers her powers by transforming a human into a god. This does not go as planned eventually resulting in her exile. There are other adventures  and moments of self discovery but I will not spoil the whole story.

It is engaging and very well written. The characters are endearingly flawed and make mistakes. The plot moves along at an ok pace slowing a bit in places. Overall this fresh look at Circe is a great read!

What I’ve been up to

  • Lots of thinking about and refining the focus of my patterns. This means slowing down a bit to make each pattern really user-friendly. I want to help new knitters make fun things without being frustrated with the patterns. Thus, I really need to explain everything clearly. I worked with Ash of From Field to Skin on taking photographs last year. She talked about branding and I realized that I needed to think through this and focus more time on the CAWcreations brand. This means monthly podcasts, but also overall much better everything (patterns, podcasts, production).
  • Our 25th Anniversary vacation to Puerto Plata Village in the DR. Sun and rum fun for both of us. I needed the relaxation and sun.
  • My new diet for helping my healthy lifestyle focus. Finally, have started feeling better. I also saw an Osteopath who fix my hip and made movement so much easier.

Happy knitting and reading!!


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