About Cheryl Ann Wartman & CAWcreations

Cheryl Ann gets great joy and fulfillment from research and teaching, but not as much as she gains from her own family. She is a dedicated mother of three young adults. Her favourite activity is downtime with them as often as she can coax them back to visit. When she’s not relaxing with family or working, you will find Cheryl knitting. When asked to describe who she is, Cheryl will respond with,“Wife, mother, friend, researcher, lecturer, technician, writer, and crafter.”

Since her birth in 1973, she cannot remember a time that she did not knit. Although she assumes she did not start until she could actually hold the needles properly, her earliest knitting memories are of picking up projects from Grammie Yoston’s basket and helping her knit. It might have been a mitt, sock, or whatever else was in the bag. She has no memory of getting in trouble for her unskilled help. When her brownie troupe did their knitting badge, Cheryl Ann spent more time showing others how to knit than doing her own project. Thus, her pot holder became a Barbie shawl, and a designer was born. She still has lots of fun enabling knitters and creating fun designs for them to try.

CAWcreations came about in 2013 when friends convinced Cheryl Ann to post her grandmother’s work socks pattern on Ravelry. This was her Grammie MacDonald’s pattern. There was a steep learning curve but knitters being who they are were really patient and provided great feedback. Around the same time, her CAWcreations Shop on Etsy opened. It has been a bit neglected over the years, as Cheryl Ann has focused on knitting and learning to create patterns that are easy to understand but fun to do.

1 thought on “About Cheryl Ann Wartman & CAWcreations”

  1. The above blurp does not even come close to describing the afore mentioned.
    No indication of what happens in the larger portion of her enjoyed downtime.
    Have not seen the word liqu…….i mean “spirits” anywhere in the bio.

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