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BeachBoughtonIslandI was born and raised on Prince Edward Island in Canada. I loved growing up on a tobacco farm in Launching Place. This is in eastern PEI, and we could walk to Boughton imagesIsland on low tide. I grew up outside running through the forests and fields and sailing with my Grandfather who ran a Deep Sea Fishing boat. I remember often eating right out of the garden and strawberry patch. All of my grandparents lived close and I even remember a couple of my great-grandparents. I had lots of cousins and extended family who I had many exciting adventures with.

I cannot remember a time that I could not knit. I assume it was after I could actually hold the needles properly, but my earliest knitting memories are of picking up projects from Grammie Yoston’s basket “helping her knit”. It might have been a mitt, sock, or whatever else was in the bag. I have no memory of getting in trouble for my unskilled help. She must have had much more patience that I did with my own children.

My husband, Tim, and I raised three children (picture top of page) in Cornwall, PE. They are wonderful young adults, who are great to make time in their busy lives for us. While raising them, I did manage to have enough patience to ensure that they can all knit. Now that they are busy, Tim and I have been rediscovering our favourite things to do together and have time to focus on our own interests. I get great joy out of enabling knitters in stash enhancement, helping them gain confidence and skill in knitting, and creating fun designs for them to try.

2017_CAWcreationsPicCAWcreations came about in 2013 when friends convinced me to post Grammie MacDonald’s sock pattern. I am not sure what she would think about me sharing the family pattern with the world but I was so comfortable with it that I had to start there. There was a steep learning curve for me in designing, as I had to learn to fill in all the details, but knitters being who they are were really patient and provided great feedback.

Around the same time, my CAWcreations Shop on Etsy opened. It has been a bit neglected over the years, as I have focused on knitting, creating patterns, and podcasting (or is it vlogging? I am still not sure what the proper terminology is). In 2017, I partnered with a Fleece & Harmony to create patterns for their Prince Edward Island wool. I love my Island and am thrilled to be working with other Island entrepreneurs to make crafting kits and designs for other knitters.

PEI is Canada’s smallest province. It is a beautiful oasis with a beach close by wherever you are. My soul is healed by the sea and sand. I go to the beach whenever I need to relax or destress. I love the people, the landscape, and the atmosphere that surrounds us here. I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Come visit my Island, or see me online:

or send me an email at cherylann@cawcreations[dot]org



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  1. The above blurp does not even come close to describing the afore mentioned.
    No indication of what happens in the larger portion of her enjoyed downtime.
    Have not seen the word liqu…….i mean “spirits” anywhere in the bio.

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