I have been watching Arne & Carlos since my friend Kathy introduced them to me. I never dreamed that they would make it to PEI. Thank you Kim at Fleece and Harmony and Rowan for making this happen. We were at The Holman Grand Hotel in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I really needed this knitting holiday to get my knitting mojo back. I was giddy with excitement and talked so much that my voice is raspy today. I managed to get a picture with Arne and Carlos during the crochet class. I am wearing my Binsey sweater by Fiona Alice. It is the only sweater I have finished for myself. I knit it in Fleece & Harmony Signature yarn in Quartz. It is so warm that I use it as a jacket for this time of year and it the fall. I was glad to be sitting under the air vent during the class on Wednesday. But there I go jumping ahead already.

We decided to stay the night at the Hotel on Tuesday. I just needed a knitting retreat. So I took Wednesday and Thursday off work to just focus on the event. I tried to get off at 3 pm but students had an assignment due on Wednesday so I answered their emails until 4 pm. I checked in at the Holman Grand by 4:15. What a smooth process. We had the Island suite with a water view. My amazing husband had wine and cheese waiting for us when we arrived. So lovely, check out the pictures below.

Tuesday night there was an Arne & Carlos Sit and Knit for a Bit Live. They chatted about their journey until now. I loved the pictures and stories they told. I feel like I know them because I have watched them any time I need a pick me up. I wanted to shout out comments but I managed to restrain myself. It was so relaxed and cozy sitting together knitting and listening to them talk. After the session our group got a picture with them. They chatted for a short time and ran out to go to supper. Kathy, Gloria, and I went back to the room and knit and chatted in front of the fire until bedtime. It was so relaxing to have nothing else on the list for the rest of the night. I slept so well.

The next morning we gradually approached the day. Made coffee in the room. I ate the second half of my salad from the night before with salmon. It was still good but not as excellent as the tower I got the night before. We went for a swim and relaxed in the hot tub. As the only three there, it was so quiet and relaxing. I love the waterfall you can turn on in the pool, but it does create a bit of an echo. The jets in the hot tub were quieter. The Christmas tree in the front lobby sits on the frosted glass above the tub. I was so glad Gloria was there to figure out what it was. I was not thinking and just could not figure it out. We got ready to face the day, then checked out. I am so happy that I learned to knit the Norwegian way online from Arne and Carlos. It meant that I really enjoyed my time staying at the Holman Grand with my friends.

I went to the Grand Senses Spa for an aqua massage and an Aveda aroma body polish. This is where you go to get pampered. There is a calmness that settles in as you give them your coat and are taken to the room. It was my first aqua massage. In a small room, there is a modern water bed. You lay on the warm bed and are covered up. I did not really know what to ask for so I got the full body massage. She turned down the lights and jets of water pushed into my shoulders. These jets went up and down my body a few times and with each pass I could feel more tension leaving my body. The thirty minute session was over quickly. I lay there for a few seconds before getting up. It was so nice. I was cozy warm and it took me a few minutes to let my eyes and body adjust to the light and standing up. Next we went downstairs. I had a glass of water as I waited for the body polish. Savannah called me in. We started with a foot soak as she explained the process. Essentially it was dry brushing with an aroma. I chose my favourite the rosemary mint. It was so good to get my dry skin brushed. She finished with a full body massage. I will say that her massage was MUCH better than the bed. I headed for the rest of the day relaxed and ready to go.

Mom and love the Alambe coffee shop so I went there for lunch of an ham bun and espresso. I met Marylou and Annie from Maine. They were trying to get on Arne and Carlos’ live stream. Arne & Carlos had a few connection issues at the start that I completely missed. Lucky me. I found the live stream on my phone. Then Marylou used her iPad so we had a bigger screen. We watched it together and chatted a little bit. We had to leave before it was finished to head back to our class. I love the connects that I make with people at these events. It is so great to have them on Prince Edward Island. No travel stress, just the enjoyment of knitting together.

Wednesday afternoon’s session was Arne and Carlos’ Primrose Motif Crochet Workshop. I had never learned to crochet, so I knew it would be frustrating for me. At least I was very relaxed going in. I got there a bit before the start to get my yarn and crochet hook from Fleece and Harmony. I got so excited about the yarn and the Christmas Balls book I bought that I forgot to get a hook. I found my lunch buddies and moved to sit with them, after I went back for my hook. Arne and Carlos made crochet fun. I got half finished of the second round and realized I was doing it all wrong. I ripped it back. Tried again ripped again. Listened to Arne & Carlos tell stories and explain what we are doing to me. Asked Marylou what was going on (so many times I was surprised she did not get frustrated with me). By the end of the workshop, I had one flower. I did not learn to join them but to go from nothing to a flower in a few hours was an accomplishment. I won a prize of an Arne and Carlos knitting bag, a skein of sock yarn, and a skein of Rowan Norwegian yarn. Such a great day. I headed home with a sense of accomplishment.

My last workshop was called “Arne and Carlos Layered Colourwork Knitting”. There was homework and I had it done! I can be a good student if I really work at it. My friends Michelle and Bev joined me at this class. I also sat with some of the friends I made in the crochet class the day before. Ila said that I could share her picture with you. She is from Springwater Farm in PEI. She is my daughter’s age and a shearer. I am so jealous. I would love to work with fleece but my allergies mean I must wait until the yarn is made to work with it. We spent the afternoon knitting and chatting. I was able to have a bit more fun today as I understood what the instructions said. Once I realized that I had the technique I chatted and enjoyed the stories that Arne and Carlos were sharing. I love this polar bear sweater that Arne designed. So cute. I had an amazing few days. Thank you everyone who made this event happen. I needed this knitting break this time of year.

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