Beach Day Scarf was published this week and is available on Ravelry. It is a one colour smaller version of the Beach Day Shawl. We wanted something a bit more approachable for a beginner. It gave a much better price point for making up a kit. A kit with the pattern and yarn can be purchased from Fleece and Harmony.

Kim and Jennifer, from Fleece and Harmony, were featured on Meet the Shepherdess in Fruity Knitting episode 55. They did such a great job of the interview. I know how hard it can be to look relaxed in front of a camera. The scarf looked amazing on Kim as they did the interview.

The larger scarf is shown above is made with Fleece and Harmony’s 2-ply fingering weight Signature yarn in the Blue Poppy colour. I love the mixture of blues in this colour. The pattern gives the option of doing a one skein scarf as well. This one has triangular ends and tassels. The scarf pictured was knit in Take the Ferry Signature yarn aran weight.

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