Symbolism of the Crow for CAWcreations

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animal-89182_1920The crow is one of the most powerful spirit animals and is a symbol of magic and mysteries throughout life. I love that they are there to remind us of creation and the magic all around us. Their black colour represents the womb where new things come into existence, or the colour of the night, giving birth to the light of a new day. This is a representation of the immense power each and every one of us holds to take hold of our own destiny. I loved that symbolism for CAWcreations as I develop new patterns for knitters.

My initials spell CAW, thus I have always felt an affinity towards this intelligent bird. They have a large brain body ratio and are very intelligent. I was amazed by them on campus the other year, as they quickly learned to dive bomb anyone carrying food. Many people would run dropping their food, and rewarding the crows in the process. The neat thing was if you did not have food they left you alone. One day a crow I had been talking to flew right above my head and tapped it with his feet as he zoomed back to his perch in a tall tree. This year I am seeing them in the birdbath on our front lawn. They do seem to follow me around.crow-landing

Crows do not give up easily. They will pursue their target and get whatever they need, when they need it. I am using this spirit animal as I shift into my confident and creative designer self.


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