Cricket Cove team hosted an amazing 2019 Knit East at the Algonquin Resort in St. Andrew’s NB this weekend. I had planned to do a podcast from the event but it just did not come together. I had too many other things to do and see. Thank you to all my wonderful friends, old and new, who where there to help me and chat with me all weekend. Mom and I had a wonderful get away weekend.


We got away from PEI early on Friday morning in the misty rain, and stopped for our traditional snack at the Irving Big Stop in Salisbury. It was a great spot for a break to spend time with Doris and Heather who met us there. By the time we finished, the rain had stopped for a bit. Mom has a great new car The GPS guided her through St. John as I can only read road signs when it is too late to turn. I was glad to have a driver. Thanks Mom.

Our room was ready for early check in when we got there. We got the fourth floor but not the haunted room. I had been threatening Mom that I was going to scare her. We went over to the market right away. I picked up my package from RavensWood Fibre Co, that I had pre-ordered. My storm colours skeins were so beautiful and I cannot wait to start my secret project. I also got a skein of Plash Party 2.0.

Mom went directly to Fleece and Harmony‘s booth to pick up seagull sock yarn. Yes we are too much alike I am working with the exact same yarn in for the new Cable Me This Sock (sneak Peak below). Then she got some yarn from Cricket Cove to make Christmas gifts. In lass than an hour, we spent the budget for the weekend, but is was so easy to see everything when it was not busy.


We had supper at Braxton’s Restaurant and Bar at the Algonquin I got the Artisan Salad and their Maple Creame Brulee for dessert. So good. I was so full after but so worth it. We got our registration gift and glass of wine, then relaxed the rest of the evening. I was so excited to be there and to see everyone. We sat and knit in a terrace room as it got dark. Doris and I made a big mess of trying to ball a skein of yarn. It was so bad we made a new friend to spent much of the evening fixing our mess.We also met for a ghost tour in the evening. I love how each person who is hired to give the tour can put their own spin on it. We had a spooky fun tour.

Saturday morning was beautiful. I was up early but did sleep more than I have been. We went to breakfast at the hotel. I got the buffet because I could control the food better that way. It was so good, especially the made to order omelette and the orange juice. It did take a bit of time for my friend who had a class to get her order from the menu but she did make her class and her oatmeal looked amazing. There were a few Knit East Specials including a vegetarian breakfast burrito. Kate had that it looked so amazing that my Mom ordered it the next day. The service at the resort is so great. Although it was busy they were all so good.

We visited with friends at the resort. I was so happy to see everyone. I got my Saltwater Mittens book signed at the Market. I was so excited. Mom took an amazing picture. 71867914_10162125199130411_2082633202358288384_nWe also wandered down to the shops in town. It was so nice to have no plans until the Fashion Show that evening. I had a dark and stormy and some pickle spears for a snack. We missed the coffee shop but found out the church  time for Mom on Sunday.  I went for a nap before the fashion show.

PEI Knitters managed to nab the first couple of rows of seats on the side of the ballroom by the prizes. So many beautiful prizes… wow. They are our lucky seats and we usually have one or two winners from our crew. This year Mom won a skein of yarn, dryer balls, and some roving. I love the banter of the announcers and the general atmosphere of the fashion show. This year I had a newly published sneak peak pattern, Cable Me This Fingerless Mitts in the show. The pattern is a collaboration with Heather Publicover.

I also had a Simple Santa Hat pattern in the show but the draft of the pattern is not up yet. This hat was inspired by my son Daniel’s hat. I made if for him and he wore it for years. I wanted to make a pattern so others could love their Santa Hat as much as he did. I donated 10 of my CAWcreations pins as prizes and they were thrown out to the crowd when the items came out. After the show, we gathered in my friend’s room to chat about the day and relax.

Sunday morning we got up early and walked down to the coffee shop. It did not open until 10. We were there around 7 am. It was a beautiful walk worth getting out of bed. We got really close to a couple of deer. They were on a lawn across the street from us and undisturbed by our presence. After our walk, we showered and had breakfast downstairs. I knit in the Lobby with my friends while Mom was at Mass. 71867906_10162125199055411_340029519987474432_n

We had our class at 1:30. We were taking Grok the Sock with the Yarn Harlot. I love her classes and have wanted to take this one for years. We were some of the first students in the room. I got to sit up close. It was so inspiring. By the end of the class, you will never need a sock pattern again. I want to learn to teach half as well as she does. The class feels relaxed but you seem to absorb the information without really trying. All while we knit a baby sock (or Christmas decoration). Mom and I waited after class and I got a picture with Stephanie. I managed to say more than three words to her this time too.

71831106_10162119352950411_2205340731537620992_nWe had supper in the bar again. I ordered the seafood chowder that Mom had had a couple of times. It was exactly what I needed. After supper we sat in the lobby chatting, eventually we ordered drinks. It was lovely, except that the lights were a bit low for knitting with a cataract. I made a mistake on my heel and had to put my sock down.


When we went up to the room I fixed my sock before I went to sleep. We got up early and were the first guests at the breakfast buffet. We had two amazing servers. They were so upbeat and ready for the day. It was a great start for out drive home.

Happy knitting everyone until next Knit East!!

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