I have made two batches of rhubarb. Thank you to my neighbour for sharing some of theirs. My rhubarb had a run in with the lawnmower a couple of years ago and is just coming back. It helps to make a very pink batch. So yummy especially on ADL French vanilla ice cream.

Rhubarb sauce on ADL ice cream

I also made up some of the epicure BBQ sauce this week. I had already been enjoying the taco seasoning, and Caesar dressing mixes I purchased from Tanya. I was not sure about the sauce because it called for applesauce and ketchup. Tim was slow cooking pork chops for us over the fire. I thought this is the best time to try it. I made my own unsweetened applesauce with two apples, lime juice, and water. Then followed the recipe on the package. It turned out really yummy. I have 3 cups of it so should be good for BBQ sauce for a bit.

My blanket is almost finished. I am just putting the cord edge on it. Tim has asked for one for us. I think I will switch the red for purple. I love how it looks, 100% wool blankets do not make for good knitting in the warm weather.

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