Summer 2022 Baby / Toddler Cardigans

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Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly van Niekerk modified to match blanket

My kids now have friends having kids. I am slow with my knitting but have had fun de stashing and playing with new patterns.

I started with a large ball of dark mauve Phentex worsted solid. I used one of my patterns: Baby Boo Blanket by Karen Shaw and I. I was stash busting. It worked really well. I love solids for this pattern. I did not want to play yarn chicken. It meant I cast off way too soon, so had lots (I thought for a couple matching sweater.

I chose the Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly van Niekerk. It is basic and knit in one piece. I should have gone down a needle size but instead I stated running out of yarn. The great thing absolutely it kids is they grow so instead of ripping back I added in some rainbow yarn. I love the final look especially after I got the blue buttons. I love this set.

Of course prss when I finished, my daughter asked me to do a sweater for her friend’s toddler. I decided to try a similar pattern with slight changes. I love the rib on this pattern. It requires you to pick up stitched and knit ribbing for the collar and button band. I love the rib pattern. It is cute but not tight.

Offset Wraplan by Sara Morris, fyberduck

Vicky liked the big pink buttons. I was not sure but do love them now that the are there. I am so happy with both projects!

Finished the Offset Wraplan

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