Episode 30 May 6 2020 CAWcreations vlog: I am back

Episode 30: I am back. 

I have taken my break and now feel prepared to start creating again. 2020 has been a rough year for the world but nothing like 2019 was for me personally (the my oldest child died suddenly). I am working on staying positive and looking for the helpers that make the world just a little better. Maybe some days actually being the one to make someone else smile.

CAWcreations vlog is about knitting and books I have read.


  1. Baby Hats for the maternity ward at our local hospital. I used the IWK’s Pattern for hats, and any yarn I could find. Then when I started using my favorite sock yarns I went online and purchased some Caron cotton/acrylic, and Caron acrylic yarn for hats. When I got bored, I modified the pattern using Heather Publicover’s Cable Me This pattern. I may have the new hat pattern coming out by the end of the month. I just need to scale up from babies for kids and adults.
  2. 10 stitch blanket for my Engineer (Dan is a 2020 graduate from UPEI in Engineering, specifically Mechatronics). I am not happy with the result. My tension is off and that makes the blanket gathered in places. It does not lie flat and looks rather wonky. Dan has said he want this one, even though I have offered a number of time to reknit it. Oh well, we all need to have “learning experiences”.
  3. My kit for the Breathe and Hope shawl by Casapinka came this week. I showed off the yarn from that kit (Fleece Artist and Yvieknit Yarns), and purchases from Turtlepurl. I also bought worsted weight yarn in lupine and natural from Fleece and Harmony but will show that when I show my double knitting workshop.


Wheesht by Kate Davies

The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel

Stash or Shelf KAL

There have been a number of entries in my Stash or Shelf KAL for 2020. I chose a winner from the list of people who submitted projects. It was a lovely cabled dog sweater who won the day. Congratulations and contact me on Ravelry for you prize.

On May 6, 2020 the Snowbirds flew over Charlottetown PE and directly over my house. Thank you to Victoria Wartman for filming it. I had to be on a Zoom meeting so her video was the only way I saw it.

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