I am using reversible cables to make beautiful socks for a birthday in February. I love how they are turning out! I have started casting on socks with a larger needle so the top stays loose. I cast on 56 stitches, and knit two rounds in K2 P2 rib on 3mm needles. Then I switched to 2.5 mm needles. Every 8 rounds, I continued in the ribbing but did a reversible cable on each side of the sock. After 8 cables, I turned the heel and knit gusset plus 15 rounds. Then I changed to contrast colour, knitting as seen for 5 rounds before taking in the toe. Here are a few pictures of the first sock. Now onto knitting the second one before the birthday.

This month I also read Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben. It was a quick read. My husband recommended it because as he read it he thought it was like the crime dramas I watch. Fool Me Once is a thriller that really kept me engaged with short chapters with cliffhanger endings. I did not want to put it down. I cannot discuss the minor issues I had with it without spoiling the twist so I will stop here.

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