Episode 28: Life goes on. Friday, July 26, 2019 CAWcreations monthly vlog about knitting and books I have read.

FOs (Finished Objects)

Covered in KIsses Cargigan frist draft attempt of new pattern. Made for Ian who is a size 3 width and a size 4 length. Made with Patons North America Canadiana Solids yarn in tweet yellow and Patons Canadiana Ombres in Rainbow. I used PEI made wooden buttons purchased at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market. It fits him perfectly. I love how it looks but the pattern needs a few tweaks before sending out to test knitters.

Cable Me This Fingerlisss Mitts by Heather Publicover and I. I am writing the final draft of this pattern to go to Heather for checking before publication. This pair is mad with Opal Zwerger Garn Opal Glitter mit Silbereffekt in 9332. These were made for Taylor who has a sun allergy and was having trouble working because even with long sleeves the backs of her hands would swell from the sun. I think these will help and the wool will breathe in the heat.

WIPs (Works In Porgress)

  • 10 stitch blanket for Dan. I used some yarn that my aunt, Evelyn, gave me. I have made many slippers and one other afghan with it. It is an acrylic so I do not have to worry about Daniel wrecking it.
  • Vicky’s Graduation Afghan. I bought the yarn for this project when she graduated from high school. I told her it would be knit for her by the time she graduated university. She is going in to third year so I need to get it done.
  • Cable Me This sock pattern draft. I have a real issue with the drift wood needles. I will have to return the broken ones.


I got a great book from a friend of mine. It is called Saltwater Mittens: From the Island of Newfoundland, by Christine LeGrow and Shirley Anne Scott. I loved it. I have been loving looking at colourwork mittens and the stories are great. It is so beautiful and a great distraction for me lately.

I have been having trouble seeing for awhile. I finally went to an Optometrist who discovered that the cataract in my left eye has gotten bad enough that I am now on a list to be operated on. I got new glasses that help but reading for long periods is not an option for me now. So I have spent the same amount of time listening to audio books.

Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks is a book of short stories. Tom Hanks read the stories himself. It was exactly what I needed. Some of the stores really focused on typewriters. They brought back memories from high school typing class (yes I am aging myself). I also liked the time travel one. Although audiobooks are not my first choice this one was very well produced.

My Life

On the night of May 15 to 16, we got a knock on the door around 1 am. Two police officers informed us that our oldest child, Andrew, had been found dead in his apartment. He was 26. He is gone and I am shattered.

It has been two months. The depth and breadth of our friends and family support has been amazing. My cousin Karen made me a Courage shawl (Pattern by Very Shannon) using Belfast Mini Mills PEI collection wool. We had a beautiful service, planted a star magnolia tree, and a peach tree in our yard, and have had a tree dedicated in International Children’s Memorial Place. His tree is two away from the tree dedicated to his godfather, Winston. Later, in the summer we will go there again to dedicate a brick for Andrew.

It is very changed but life goes on.



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