Episode 27: Mother’s Day and End of Canada’s Mental Health Week

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CAWcreations Episode 27


2019 Stash or Shelf KAL

  • 2 winners announced
  • Love all the projects posted.

FOs (Finished Objects)

  1. Gavin’s Blanket full sized in Knit Picks Dishie Clemintine. Knit with 4.5 mm circular needles.
  2. 10 stitch blanket in acrylic yarn knit with 5.5 mm circular needle. I made an error at the start so that the design feature on this pattern is a pouch in the middle of the afghan.
  3. Pinwheel Shrug (pictured above edited pics will follow). Forgot to mention on the podcast but for best pics check out my Etsy Shop. IMG_9855

WIOs (Works in Progress)

  1. Another 10 stitch blanket in the same acrylic yarn. I used a finished square in the centre of this one.
  2. Grey Bunny using the Bunny Love pattern by Susan B. Anderson. I have the tail and paws left to do.
  3. My So Faded sweater using Fleece Artist’s Canada 150 colors.
  4. Cotton ankle socks in handprinted cotton from the Loop in Halifax.


  • How to Stop Time by Matt Haig was a well crafted story, with engaging real characters who make mistakes. I loved the themes and how clues were planted early in the story that where important in the end. It slowed at times but I found that really allowed me to study the characters. A great read.
  • Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. I have had trouble getting through the start but the plot is picking up now and I am getting into it.


Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Small chat about my own Mental Health issues as this is also the end of Mental Health Week in Canada.

Happy Knitting.

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