September is the new year at universities. It is a fresh start and new beginnings as my personal blog post states but it has also felt like a Month of Mondays as far as my knitting mojo goes. My ball winder has died (or at least decided that it will not make neat balls anymore). I wound up the second ball for my So Faded sweater in the Canada 150 colours from Fleece Artist (see the mess in the picture below).

The ball on the left is Greenwich PEI (balled earlier this summer when the ball winder was working), on the right is Funny NB (love the colours but not the ball).


The knot created when I knit using the ball on the right took the whole Solo movie to untangle. Not zen knitting time that I needed after a busy day with new students and tech issues. Another big problem because I want to finish the sweater for Rhinebeck! On the plus side, I really liked the movie. I had heard mixed reviews so was prepared to be disappointed but I was not. It was exactly what I needed to mellow out list night.

Earlier this year, I got glasses but really noticed my eye issues this summer. Now, I cannot read the computer screen or any book without wearing glasses. Even some of my knitting projects require glasses. I have the start of a cataract on my left eye and am having trouble with that. I have gone through a range of issues with it. The key one for here is that my pictures are out of focus and I do not notice the small detail problems anymore. It has made me very sensitive about posting and podcasting. I need to just start again but each time I try I go all perfectionist on the lighting, layout, etc. This week I have decided I will approach it like I do with my other blog. First draft and post because it is better to have some content up than to be paralyzed because what I am posting is not perfect.

My new Connections Hat pattern from the CAWcreations 2018 Knitting Calendar Patterns will be out this week. I had hoped to finish it this weekend but again Mondays (on Saturday). Somehow I managed to twist wrong and could barely move Saturday night and Sunday all day. I even had to leave knitting group early because I had to go home and stretch out my back. I did sign up for pilates classes twice a week this semester, so I am hoping to feel better after my body gets used to it again. It will be hard getting back into it since all I have done in ages is walk and swim. There are other muscles that I will be using. I do trust the team that is doing the pilates class, they have fixed my back before so I am hoping this will do it again.

Finally, my favourite little lunch spot is closing on Wednesday. It was a perfect spot to go for tea and soup. I love the couple who runs the place and I am going to miss seeing them. It will be good for my plan to eat out less but I hate seeing the little local places closing.

Happy knitting and reading! I plan to podcast as soon as the Connections Hat pattern in Aran weight yarn is published.


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