CAWcreations Episode 19: A Quick Check In

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04 March 2018 CAWcreations Episode 19: A Quick Check In

A podcast about knitting and books I have read.

Find me as Cherylcan on Instagram and Ravelry and please join my CAWcreations Group on Ravelry.

Check out Fleece and Harmony ( because they have amazing yarn and wonderful knit wear designers. I am so happy to be one of them.



Connections Hat by CAWcreations in Worsted Weight, but the Bulky Pattern will be published first through Fleece and Harmony’s Website. They are waiting on me finishing the charts for the final version of the pattern. Hopefully, it will be there soon (in a week or so). Worsted weight hats two in Pine Forest and Thistle, and two in Pine Cone and Lighthouse. I reversed the main colour (MC) and (CC) on each had. They are all closed top hats. The pattern does have a messy bun option and a ponytail option as well.

How to do…

Reversible Cables. I do a short video on reversible cable construction. I wish to thank Fiona Alice who taught a class at Knit East 2015 that I took. It was really the seed of an idea for the development of the Connections hat.


Quick Knit Throw by Lionbrand Yarn uses 15 mm (US 19) needles. Knit in Premier Yarns Sweet Roll in Frosty Swirl, Ice Pop, Raspberry Swirl, and Grape Swirl. I told Vicky I got the yarn for high school graduation but she will have to finish university to get the finished afghan. I am hping to finish it before that.

Binsey by Fiona Alice using Fleece and Harmony Signature yarn in Quartz. I love the pattern. It is so well written and easy to follow and knits up so quick. My mom bought the pattern at Knit East 2017 too so we are making our sweaters together. I am barely keeping ahead of her knitting.


Boundary: The Last Summer by Andrée A. Michaud is set in the late sixties in deep woods of the Maine boarderlands. It is a mystery that begins with the death of a local teen. You walk with the police and local residents as they search for what happened in this cottage area. I loved the characters and was really engaged in the events of the area. It was also a great book to read in the middle of winter to remember that warmer days are coming. Although disturbing at times, this book is well written and engrossing.


Little French Meadow Mini Skein Club. Lighthouse Yarn, Stormy Seas yarn, and a lighthouse locking progress keeper.

Prairie Dye Studio skein of More Merlot Please on Anna’s Sock, RED Little Love Kelmscott Designs Embroidery Scissors, LOCKING Ladybug Progress Keeper, SWEATER Oh Canada Project Bag, and SMALL Roses & Skulls Project Bag.

The Knitting Bag PEI Wonder Woman large bag with a sheep zipper pull.


My Life…

I am getting glasses. I picked the lightest most comfortable pair on my face. On a side note, I do not take selfies very well. Maybe that ages me?

Check out the video of me ripping apart my newest design. I had a sizing error so needed to fix it.


I have 3 KALs going on right now:




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