I just returned from an amazing weekend in St. Andrew’s NB for Knit East. Everyone said that it was an amazing weekend so I had high hopes. It exceeded my expectations.

We arrived on Friday night and went to the Algonquin Resort right away. I relaxed as soon as I stepped into the lobby. I have always loved this resort but ever since we got storm-stayed there last winter it has become my favorite place to stay. The staff are like family and I feel at home when I am there. I love sitting by the fire in the evening knitting with a glass of cider.

First we went to the The Seaside Beach ResortIMG_0208 right on the water. We were in the Spruce cabin. I loved the view from our deck. check out the marketplace. Wow. The choice was overwhelming. I did not know where to start. Eventually, I picked up some project bags and a few items from my must have list prepared for the trip. Then we registered for the conference. They handed out little goodie bags with our tickets for Yoga and the Fashion show. We ate a late supper at The Lobster Bay Pub. It was yummy. I had the ribs and was so stuffed when I finished.

Day 1

My first class was Yoga for knitters at 7:30 am on Saturday. I got up early and walked up the hill from the waterfront. It was a small class but very informative. There were a number of stretches shown especially for knitters, so we all started the day very relaxed and ready to  knit.

I was so excited to move to Reversible Cables with Fiona Alice. I have been watching her designs for awhile and really wanted to meet her. Of course I cruised in to class just as it was starting. There was only one seat left in the room. We learned a provisional cast on with croch12045427_10156078039070411_6402647231677830366_oet hooks. It works so well! She was so patient with us. I love Fiona’s teaching style. She is very relaxed but manages to work the room really well. I loved hearing her stories about working in London while we worked on the project. Fiona even took the time to show the beginners in the class how to read the pattern. Her patience and knowledge both where very satisfying. I finished the class with a small section of my headband completed choosing to just watch the grafting process so I could finish the entire project later. I love the effect of the reversible cables!

After lunch my class was with Fiona Ellis, this was my Fiona day. She was teaching trims and edges. I rushed to class and sat down to finish my homework. Yes I am as bad as the students I have compIMG_0212lained about once or twice. Fiona handed out a sheet of edges we were going to look at and then we got to choose what to work on. What a great concept. The class is all at different places so we get to choose which one is best for us. As we were working, Fiona showed us her sweaters and swatches of various techniques for merging your collar with the patterns used in the sweater creating the little extras that really make a project amazing. I got so many pictures of ideas. My favorite was the continuation of the pattern by just using half of it in the collar. It was so simple but really added to the finished project. Wow.

By this point, I am fried but I did go back over to the market. Then Michelle and I walked back for supper at our cottage. I needed some quiet time before the fashion show. It is amazing how tiring sitting in a class all day becomes.

The fashion show was great. So fun and so many prizes. We sat in the front row and passed the baby around. For the rest of the weekend he became known as the “lucky baby” because of the four of us holding him periodically three won prizes. Guess who did not. That is right me. The person who never wins anything. I loved seeing all the completed projects, but my favorite part was that the models were used to us knitters needing to feel the fabrics and would walk right up to you so you could. It was the perfect end to the first day of knitting.

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