CAW – What does it mean to me?

After my last rant, I wanted to do something a bit lighter for my first post of 2013. I chose to do a basic web search of something that I have been meaning to research for awhile now – the crow. My initials spell “CAW”, so I always thought that it might mean something to me. I was slow about doing the research on it because I did not want it all to be negative . How excited was I to find that the crow has been deemed a negative omen only relatively recently and mainly in Europe (1). In many nomadic cultures (i.e. cultures of hunters and fishers) the crow has positive meaning (1). Since I come from a fishing community, I have decided that the crow, and its “CAW” will have positive meaning for me.

Crows are highly intelligent and adaptable omnivores, that can be found worldwide (2). They are members of the Corvidae family, which also includes ravens, magpies and bluejays (2, 3). There are examples where crows were taught to communicate and to count (2), as they are natural mimics and intelligent. Very social creatures with close-knit families, crows live and roost in large groups (3). A large group of crows is called “a murder of crows”. They have many different calls. Their sentinels warn of danger (2), making them loud neighbours in cities and towns.  Study has noted that they will answer the distress calls of other crows even if they are not related (3).

The crow will sit up on the telephone wires and just watch what is going on. They serve as reminds to be aware of our surroundings and to always keep our eyes open for trouble. The deeply spiritual Native American Indians felt that the crow symbolized wisdom (4) and was an omen of transformation (2). Although, some of their stories also implicate the crow as a trickster. Many cultures consider the crow to be keeper of law and an omen of change (2, 5). In North America and for the Mayas, the crow is the symbol of the supreme god, when his wings are flapped the wind, thunder and lightening are created (1). In the bible, the crow brings bread to man alone in the desert (1). Crows are a good omen, bringing food and divine messages in China and Japan (1).

That quick look at the history and lore of the crow has shown me that having “CAW” as my initials is most likely good. If I was to go a step further, I am a watcher, who is able to communicate well, and willing to bring change and wisdom to my surroundings.






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